Build me a PC for Stock Trading (3 monitors) 2020

This PC will be mainly used for stock/forex trading, specifically using the meta trader 4 software. I will need it connected to 3 monitors. Also need to run other softwares such as Revit/Autocad. Need something that will let me use the softwares fast and smoothly.
My maximum budget is $2,000, however I do not want to overspend for what my intended use.
I do want 500gb SSD and at least 32gb ram.
I have chosen 3 1080p monitors (Philips), Microsoft wireless keyboard and mouse.
Thanks in advance
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$1200 USD Trading Machine

Mainly needing help with the main build, accessories are taken care of. Want a fast PC that can handle trading 24/7.
[1200USD]My budget
Date I will buy:ASAP
[]before [X]after tax - rate: 6.25
[]OK with rebates - I know I will pay more upfront
Not US/CAN/EU/AUS? Provide websites to shop:
[X]Microcente[]Frys store access
List programs and indicate distribution with percentages: xx%
[]Gameplay streaming to Twitch, YouTube
[]Photo/Video editing:
[]Music/Audio production:
[]CAD, CFD/FEA, Engineering Simulations:
[X]NAS/Web surfing:100% I will only be using this PC for general use web browsing and Forex trading. Computer will be running 24/7 and primarily running meta trader 4 and on
Percent time spent in each role:
SCREENS Select ONE [X]1080p60Hz []1080p144Hz []1440p60Hz []1440p144Hz []5760x1080-Triple Wide []4K 60Hz [X]I own []don't own this
I plan on having 4 screens total so need support for that.
[]I am willing to overclock my CPU
Can be very helpful for high refresh rate monitors (144Hz)
Many workstation programs benefit from it
[]Hot []Dusty/Pets [x]On 24/7 []Low noise [X]Normal
I have: Dell D3218HN
I need:
[]Mouse: []flawless sensor, grip: []palm []fingertip []claw []Keyboard: []mechanical []quiet []tenkeyless []backlighting []Headphones/speakers: []over ear []on ear []in ear []Isolation required
I need Windows[], version:
[]I have access to DreamSpark or a similar for cheapefree OS
[]I can connect to this computer with [] a cable or [] a Powerline adapter
[x]I need wireless
Please list any parts you own we could use, exact part numbers (especially for PSU's) or links are most appreciated:
Dell D3218HN
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Streaming/Trading Pc

I will be streaming from my Xbox one X and next years Xbox to twitch mixer and YouTube. Will mostly be doing forex/futures trading and potentially stocks trading as well. Thank you for the help
[$1000 pc] My budget. Date I will buy: asap
Willing to spend $1600 on entire setup
[ ] before or [ x] after tax. See this website for sales taxes in your US state.
[ x] I'm OK with rebates to get to my target price recognizing I will pay more upfront.
What country are you buying in? U.S
List programs and indicate distribution with percentages: xx%
[ ] Gaming:
[ x] 30% Gameplay streaming to Twitch, YouTube, etc.
[ x] 5% Photo/Video editing:
[ x] 40% Trading: MetaTrader 4, ninjatrader, more trading applications.
[x] 15% Web Browsing: multiple open tabs for research and communicating.
Select one:
[ ] < 1080p
[ x] 1080p60Hz
[ ] 1080p144Hz
[ ] 1440p60Hz
[ ] 1440p144Hz
[ ] 4K 60Hz
[ ] 5760x1080 - Triple Wide
[ x]I own [ ]don't own this monitor
I own 1 monitor, but would also like to add at least 2 more monitors higher resolution and possibly use a tv as well.
[ ]I am willing to overclock my CPU/RAM
Not sure what overclocking is or what it will do for my situation. --------------------------ENVIRONMENT-----------------------------------
What environment do you expect the Computer to live in?
[ ] Hot [ ] Dusty/Pets [ x] Always on [ ] Low noise [ ] Normal
I have:
I have nothing yet [ ] Mouse:
[ ] Keyboard:
[ ] Headphones/speakers:
I need:
[ x] Mouse: [ ]flawless sensor, Grip: [ ] palm [ ] fingertip [ ] claw
[ x] Keyboard: [ ] mechanical [ ] quiet [ ] tenkeyless [ ] backlighting
[ x] Headphones/speakers:
Preferred headphone form factor ([ x]over ear, [ ]on ear, or [ ]in ear) and [ ]sound isolation? Do you have a preferred sound signature? What music genres do you prefer?
--------------------------OPERATING SYSTEM-----------------------------
I’m sure I can get windows for cheap
[ ]Need Windows? [ ]Do you have access to DreamSpark or a similar program that allows you to get an OS for a reduced price/free?
[ x] I can connect to this computer with [ x] a cable or [ ] a Powerline Adapter
[ ] I need wireless connectivity.
---------------------------OP's PARTS-------------------------------------
I don’t have any parts yet besides 1 Monitor. I am a first time builder. If you guys have a suggestions on a nice large table that would be great as well. Thanks again!!!!
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